Sunday, July 15, 2007

On friendships & family

Hailey & Violet
I really don't like moving. I haven't really moved all that much, or all that far. But what I don't like about it, is moving away from dear friends & family. I also don't like it when they move away. What I do like though, is that the friends that are true, you keep in touch with no matter what. Some of my true friends came and visited this week. I have known Tracy for probably close to or more than 20 years. We lived together at one time. We got married a few years apart. We had kids very close together. In our early single years, we had a lot of fun & wild times together, went through several boyfriends together, worked together, & we traveled together. And, we have remained friends through these many years. Our families have remained very close, and we enjoy spending times together camping, going to the snow and sharing time happy times at our families' birthday parties. This week she came down with her two children Hailey and Evan for the night. They live about 2 hours away from us now. So I really appreciated her making the drive. Hailey & Violet are 4 months apart, and Evan & Olivia are 4 months apart. Hailey & Violet share many interests and get along wonderfully. With Olivia being such a tomboy, she also gets along wonderfully with Evan. Evan showed up with his sword, and you couldn't have found a smile bigger anywhere than on Olivia's face. They got along very well the whole time they were here. Violet & Hailey would disappear in Violet's room for hours, playing Nintendo, playing with dolls, trading clothes, giggling and sharing secrets. Olivia & Evan would play knights & kings with their swords and capes, play with the cars, and mostly chase each other around. We enjoyed swimming, and later the kids enjoyed popsicles. I had some long, interesting discussions with Tracy about the public school system. She teaches school at a low performing school in the Los Angeles school district. Although it sounds that my friend is doing the best she can given the guidelines she is provided by the school, and I know that she is a fantastic teacher, I can't help but feel sorry for those children that are missing out on so much in life as a result of the current processes that occur in the school systems, particularly in that area. It takes very special teachers such as herself to provide & to fit in some extra enriching activities for them to enjoy and learn from.

Popsicle Cheers!

We also spent this week with new friends. We went to a local birthday party for two little friends, a brother and sister who we met early in our arrival to this town. It was a horse-themed party, as our little friend loves them very much. There was pin the tail on the donkey, slipping & sliding and pool time, feeding the (real) horses carrots, a My Little Pony pinata, and just lot of fun playing and the mommies talking and enjoying the yummy cappicinnos that my friend made. As homeschoolers, I almost think it easier to make new friends, as you actively seek out playmates for you children by joining local sports programs, homeschool groups, and joining other group activities. We enjoyed having some fellow unschoolers over for swimming and fun. I always enjoy the conversations we have about schooling and unschooling and sharing our philosophies, experiences and ideas.

Little friend

I've been lucky to make another new friend recently, who actually lives down the street from us. Her boys are 3 & 7 and get along great with Violet & Olivia. And bonus, Dan & her hubby get along wonderfully as well. We've already had a few bbqs together, and all enjoy each other's company. She's a working mom and very involved with her boys. We've recently began walking in the evenings and I really enjoy our chats. It often takes me back to when I was working and really makes me admire how hard it is for working moms to handle all that is on their plates.

I also really, really miss being closer to my mom & dad. Instead of a 20 minute drive they are now about an hour. So, we've been unable to see them as often as I'd like. Violet is visiting them this weekend and I'll be picking her up tomorrow. I'm sure they will have a lot of fun thrifting, and hanging out together (they always do!!!)

I've received several phone calls this week from friends far away (Dani, Amanda, Jenny) and want you to know how genuinely good it makes me feel to hear your voices. Through good and bad, I treasure our friendships immensely and am thankful you are in my life. I hope my children's friendships are as dear and as lasting as ours.

To my other friends and family (those overseas as well!!!), we miss you, and wish we could see you more often. So, consider that an open invitation to come on down and visit. And always remember, we're only phone call away!

Violet & Hailey


Hélène Deroubaix said...

aaah swimming pool!! lucky happy children!
it s so hot here but the beach is at 2 hours and a half so maybe we'll go but not this month!

wayabetty said...

I'm always envious of people like yourself who have such great friendships that have lasted over 20 years. It's so hard to make friends who are compatible with you and also your family. I equate it to dating, you might get along with the person, but your hubbie doesn't or their children and yours don't. It's really tough.

Anonymous said...

YOu are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends for you and your family! It's because you are such a warm and welcoming friend, a great listener! Thanks for listening! I was having a bad day and after reading this post I am inspired to be a good freind to someone down the road that I don't really agree with(too much yelling) but that I know needs a friend and ya know, if I can get over myself and know its OK she's NOT perfect I can probably learn something from her and find a friendship, rambling again, YOU inspire me!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add, Violet looks great!