Monday, August 06, 2007

Hanging around - Best shot Monday

footsies lomo'd
This was my fave of the three (other two below) of Olivia playing on the swings. She'd lay over it and swing around and around. It amazes me she never gets tired or dizzy. She is definitely my extreme sports kid. This shot is for Picture This' Best shot Monday. ( I went back in a lomo'd it with Dumpr for fun, and like how it turned out.) For the original see here.
Hanging around
She's so full of joy!
My love
Have a great week!!!!


Melody A. said...

I happen to love the last of the set because I favor close up face shots. She is adorable.

tracey said...


Anna said...

I love the last one, she is so beautiful! And I love the lomo effect on the feet photo, delicious!

Mommy's Cherish said...

Wow! Great pictures mom! I love the tiny toes! Thanks for visiting me and sharing yours!

Stacy said...

Love the lomo-ed feet! I love feet shot and the lomo effect with the contrast and vignette is just so nice. The other pictures are very lovely as well. :0

Chris said...

I like the last the best as well. She is gorgeous! These are great shots.

Anonymous said...

Love her little feet!