Sunday, August 12, 2007



Rescue vehicles

7 petals

Collages by Violet & Olivia. The girls and I tried our hand at collages this week. I've really been inspired by Mademoiselle Helenina. I bought one of her collages recently and am so pleased with it. Olivia made hers with stickers and ink. Violet used magazines, watercolor and gesso.
Yummy grapes off the vine

Dan & I picked a cooler full of grapes from our grapevines yesterday. There were soooo many, that we bagged up a lot of them and will be handing them out to friends. We had mostly small, sweet green ones but also a few of the red grape ones. I'll have to call my friend Amanda at Growgreengrapes and find out her recipe for the yummy jelly she brought me when she was out here.

Olivia enjoying some grapes
Violet has had an earache, so I had taken her to the dr last week and he put her on antibiotics. Then, she came down with a cold and it started bothering her again. So, yesterday I took her back. She felt much better by the time we left (it's always so much worse first thing in the morning!). As we were leaving the parking lot, I saw some black kittens in the corner of the parking lot. We walked over there and saw three black kittens and the mother came trotting along soon after. They were not tame at all and would not come to us. I decided we were going to rescue them and see if we could get them spayed and neutered and shots. My friend Renee had done this in the past, in fact that is how we got Domino. So, I called her and got a lot of good information such as where to get them spayed, and to get reimbursed for it, and she loaned me her trap. So far, we captured the mom, who is pregnant, again! And two kittens. Unfortunately, one got loose this morning and I still haven't caught the third. So, I am going to keep trying. I think it will be a great experience for the kids to see the mom give birth and for them to socialize the kittens so that we can find them homes. As for the kittens she has now, they are several months old and quite wild. I will try to tame them as much as possible and either keep them on our property or try to find them homes.

Rescue kitten


Oh, The Joys said...

I love the first one!

(I call myself a cut and paste artist - at least I DID before I started blogging.)

Jenny said...

I love these! Karen just started a collage, but it's still in progress while she finds the just the right pictures to cut up.