Saturday, August 25, 2007

Out of the Blue and other fun stops in Solana Beach

Livie at Solana Beach

We haven't made it to the beach as much as we'd like to this summer, but Friday, we found a new spot that we really enjoyed and met up with some good friends while there. In fact, my friend was the first to introduce me to unschooling and had referred me to some good books about unschooling. While she is taking more of a classical approach and with a charter now, she still follows her children's interests and provides them with some very enriching activities. In fact, she was Violet's art instructor at one point, and we still continue to seek her advice on art related questions. She gave me some really good advice about providing Violet with good quality art supplies. I've been giving them the kids paints and pencils, and now I think I should go out and get some good stuff and see what happens! It was a very uncrowded beach, unlike some of the other S. Ca beaches and we enjoyed walking along the Solana art district and had some coffee and goodies before heading home. There were many artsy shops and interior design shops in architecturally appealing buildings. There were garden shops, sculptures, paintings. there was even a doggy fashion shop (which was open) which had designer doggie duds! Some of those outfits were nicer than stuff I wear!!!! Unfortunately, most of the other shops were closed. But, we were able to enjoy from the windows and will plan another trip to come back soon. On the way there, we crossed a bridge over an Amtrak railroad track that ran alongside PCH and we stood in the middle (of the bridge) while a train came rumbling by underneath us, blasting it's train horn. The kids got a kick out of that (and I admit, I rather did too!!)

train is a comin'

We really enjoy spending quality time with our friends, relaxing and catching up and just having a wonderful afternoon. Here's a few more photos from the day, and there are plenty more on Flickr.

mermaid out of the blue
A beautiful tile mosaic of a mermaid in front on Out of the Blue.

A really interesting store we found called Out of the Blue. Unfortunately, closed at the time, but definately a place worth revisiting!

Out of the blue

Playing in the water:

Beach friends


Today, I fed my neighbor's pony, Snickerdoodle and brought along my camera since it was early and not too bright out yet. Here's a few shots I took and of course, more on Flickr! : )
rooster through the barn door
Mr. Rooster to you!
all dried up
Drying Sunflower


Tiffany said...

Great pictures. Looks like your little girl has a great time in the sand and water.

Maya said...

That first shot makes me want to be in the sand feeling the waves crash over me! So cute!

Christina said...

Goodness but that first picture is beautiful! Takes my breath away. I also really like the second, the view through the fence.

Mike said...

Love the beach and sunflower shots. Perfect.


Golightly said...

BTW, I really love the 1st pic in this series, but they are all so restful to look at! I came back a 2nd time to this entry.

wayabetty said...

You are a great photographer Mandy! They look like post cards.

My Tyler also loves to draw, do you know where I can enroll him in art class besides his school?