Sunday, August 05, 2007

So busy I don't even know what to title this!!!!

Violet riding
Our friends down the street inviting our kids to go riding with their kids at another neighbor's house one evening this week. The girls really enjoyed riding around the ring with them. Olivia rode with our friend Gabe and Violet rode by herself. She did pretty well even though she has ridden in about a year (with girl scouts last year). Olivia had fun and wanted to ride "again & again". Afterwards the kids were running around playing in the dirt, they were soooo dirty when we got home. They had this funny dog who looked like the Little Rascals dog, who would run around in circles backwards. It was the funniest thing! I'll take a video next time and post it on our blog. We also went to a birthday party & the library's summer reading party in which they had a magician who performed with animals. He made a boa appear out of a burning frying pan, a hedgehog appear out of a bag, a dove, a tarantula and a chicken appear out of thin air. Was pretty cool and they cooled off with some ice cream afterwards too.


We went to the beach Friday with our friends from our old girl scout troop. It was nice for Violet to see her old friends, she was really excited about it all the way there. Violet tried some boogie boarding and they all caught a lot of sand crabs and made a sand castle with some other kids on the shore. Unfortunately, while in the water, one our friends got stung by a jelly fish. Then, suddenly there were about 10-15 other kids who also got stung and were all crying while their mothers tried to cool off the stinging at the outdoor shower. You never seen the water clear out so fast! Poor kids! They soon forgot about it and were all running around playing again. We had some more fun playing at the park across the street and hung out until the sun went down, then headed home after the traffic had died down some.

Oceanside afternoon skies

Saturday, Violet & I worked the 4H food booth at the local country fair. It was the hottest part of the day (11-3), and was about 91 degrees out when we left. UGGHH! It was HOT! But it was a good experience for Violet. She enjoyed it when it was busy and she was able to pull orders (mostly cold drinks), but got bored and a little antsy when it wasn't . Dan ended up coming by with Olivia eventually, so I asked her if she wanted to go with him and she promptly answered "YES!!!" Unfortunately, we had missed the deadline for the fair entries in which we were going to put some of Violet's scrapbook pages that she had made, so I will post them here for all to see ; )
Japan pageJapan page
Birthday pageFlowers page
The Flower photo page pictures were all taken by Violet.

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No doubt about it, you guys are busy! Sounds fun.