Sunday, August 19, 2007

We're all in this together!

At the High School Musical II Premiere party
My friend Dawn had this great idea that since the girls loved High School Musical so much and were all looking forward to the premiere this past Friday night of High School Musical II to have a premiere party. We invited a few girls and invited them to come dressed for a premiere or as their favorite characters. The girls enjoyed playing some Twister Moves and then playing outside for a bit before coming in for a red carpet entrance (down the hallway on red towels!) to the main theatre (our front living room). They arrived on the red carpet to silly interviewer Dan (my husband who interviewed with an Indian painted gourd!!) who asked them about their dresses, hair stylist as well as what they were looking forward to in the movie. We enjoyed some pizza, popcorn, and cake and ice cream while enjoying the new movie's premiere. It was really quite good and had a lot more singing and dancing in it then the first movie.
'Dan HSMII Premiere party
Oh, and yes mom, the girls both got hair cuts!!! Don't they look so cute?


amygeekgrl said...

it looks like your family has so much fun! how wonderful that dad got in on the red carpet action too. :)

Jenny said...

That looks like a lot of fun. And the girls' haircuts do look cute. At first, I thought Violet just had her hair pulled back.

SusieJ said...

They look so HAPPY. What a gift for them.