Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back to the future in our good old living room!

Time Machine
The other day Violet told me that she wanted to make a time machine and asked if it were really possible. I told her I didn't think it was possible to go back in time, but that there were many things that have been invented over the years that people thought would be impossible. So, she decided to make a time machine. We called a neighbor for a cardboard box, then she used a small Whiskas box with a pencil in it (the gears), a mini-globe (to show where we were going), a slime detector (mini-lava lamp), a little action figure (when you hit the top of his head you could talk to people-you could interpret their language in a minute) and a pillow and goggles for the operator of the vehicle. And, one more thing, Olivia! She was the operator. The girls got inside and we shut the box, and vrroooooom went to other times! The went to Ancient Egypt, Rennaisance England, early American (Cowboys and Indians). When it got dangerous, they hopped back in their time machine and came home! PS, the dog toys in the picture were their food! Yummy!

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