Friday, September 21, 2007

The End of Summer Concert Series

As promised, some funny pictures that were taken out in the barn the other night when we were playing Rock Concert with the kids with Violet's toy electric guitar. We took turns being the "Rock Star". Sorry, none of the kids (Violet took the photos), but here's one from another entry some time ago of Violet.
Ready, set........
Ready, set.......


He coulda been a rock star!
He coulda been a rock star!!!!
Got the rocker hair going on
to be fair, you gotta see Rocker mom with the rocker hair!
I hope Dan doesn't kill me when he sees these! Sooooo, enjoy while you can. He's gone this weekend, so enjoy them until Monday! hehe!


~ Melody ~ said...

You guys had way too much fun, didn't you? LOL

Violet did an excellent job with the photos...since you wouldn't let her play with the toy, what else was she to do.

Mandy said...

LOL, poor kids, we always steal their toys!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think y'all must have been rock stars in a previous life, the hair is great!

Mandy said...

Oh I don't know Amanda, maybe Dan was, I think I may have been a Motown singer, I'm more into R&B, really.

wayabetty said...

What a fun bunch you guys are!!