Monday, September 24, 2007

Livie got mail! - BSM

I got mail
Olivia got this ginormous letter in the mail the other day! Wonder what it is?????
About a month ago, we entered A Little Perspective photo contest for kids. Olivia won an Honarable Mention for her photo "green swing". Check out all of the other amazing photos that the kids entered here.
A Little Perspective

Club Mom
She won a Club Mom water bottle
Green swing - Photo by Livie
Her photo "green swing".

She also won the best prize ever, her favorite cereal! Cheerios!!!!
Best prize ever
Which is my pick for Best Shot Monday over at Picture This, go see more there!
The contest was hosted by Picture This, Snapshot Chronicles, & The Little Zygote that could. Thanks ladies for making my little girl smile!


Brittany said...

aw that envelope is as big as she is! haha :) Congratulations!!

Melody A. said...

OK, not to brag (hehe) but my daughter won first place. But that wasn't even the best part to her. It was that she got bonafide mail in her name! She was soooo excited! And that water bottle is the best bottle in the world right now. Congrats to your winner.

chaoticfamily said...

That is very sweet. Congratulations to her and you for being so creative!

I love the last one of her and her cheerios - very cute!

Dawn said...

Congratulations! That's so cute! She looks so proud.

Christina said...

Congrats Olivia! I love the first picture - that package is as big as she is!!!

~ Melody ~ said...

Hooray, Livie! I remember her shot. Loving these photos, and she does look pretty happy with those Cheerios.

Ashlea said...

very very cool!

Cari said...

I bet she was so excited to get mail! Fun! She had a great shot and I love your pick for BSM today too!

sierrajuliettromeo said...

Congrats, Livie! I love the angle on your photo!

~ Melody ~ said...

I'm back because there is something for you at Slurping Life. Come get it!

wayabetty said...

You certainly take after your Mom Livie!! Congrats to you!!