Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wrapped Emotions - My Ritual: A place of trust

Looks like I'll be able to knock out 2 birds with one stone, so to speak, this week. Although, if you know me, you know I'd never knock out a bird! I love birds and I love my garden. Which brings me to the theme this week for Picture This Thursday, and Wrapped Emotions theme; Finding a place of trust. Both referred to this beautiful post by Jen Lemen in which she shares a meaningful ritual she created to let go of some of her fears. I'll let you read the post to see how she portrays this. It's really creative and spiritual, and I admire her and thank her for sharing her idea. It obviously touched a chord with many as you can see through this week's themes.

FUTAB on a Sunday morning

A ritual for me, since being able to stay at home with my girls is that I often get up earlier than they and therefore am able to have some quiet, reflective time in the mornings. I often get up, put the coffee on, then go out and fill the birdseed dish, fill the finches thistle seed sock, and feed the bunny. Often times, they are waiting anxiously as I hear them up in the trees and the bushes twittering, hungry and ready for the day, Max comes hopping over to check out his treats.

Swinging Turtle

I enjoy my garden, and the little menagerie of garden friends I've collected over the last year to sit amongst the flowers.

Twig birdhouse

I enjoy the creations such as the little birdhouses my father has made me, garden ornaments the girls have made, and mementos of memories that share the garden (Sassy's roses, resting place for Speedy our bird and Jack Sparrow our tadpole)

Sassy's yellow rose

The garden is frequented by our beloved friends that have left us, Sassy is a yellow finch, Abby is a butterfly, and Sweetpea is a dragonfly. We have lost several cats over the years, but they visit us her in our sanctuary.

Max in the garden

sometimes I'm joined by Max the bunny or

Domino in my garden

Domino, Violet's cat, a rescue cat our dear friend Renee gave to us.

I'm also joined recently by two black kittens, that we rescued from the back of a liquor store. I had them spayed and shots given. They are still too shy of me, but know that I feed them, and have been coming around closer to me as they come to trust me.

I sit, and enjoy my coffee, often with my favorite cup, my dream cup a dear friend gave me several years ago. I enjoy the start of a new day. I enjoy the beauty of the universe. Thankful that I have the life that I have. I get to spend everyday with my girls. Learning new things with them, seeing things new again, through their eyes. Thankful to my husband for giving me this. I never asked for this and yet I have been given so much.

Back to the challenge.....Finding a place of trust, letting go of fears. Many fears of my past have already left me, or at least lessened. There have been new fears to replace them, but they are not as intense, and I don't let them rule my life. They are natural fears that I either have no power over or if I do, I do my best to not let them control me and to do what I can to avoid them. I haven't performed a ritual to let go of the ones that I have, but I feel they are healthy, reasonable fears, and have no need to let them go right now, as they do not rule my life. I think that perhaps because of the life I'm living now, the choices that I've made, I know that everything is going to happen exactly as it should. For now, I am quite content with that.
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chaoticfamily said...

Excellent post - thanks for sharing. The photos are incredible - your garden is beautiful.

As for finding a place of trust, I'm still working on that one and I have a ton of fears so I'm not sure where to begin! I'm happy for you that you have found that place.

Stacy said...

Wonderful post, full of calming emotions and beautiful pictures. I really love your garden. It seems to be quite the sanctuary.

Dawn said...

I loved your post ("twittering" and "menagerie" both made an appearance; I love those words!) and the pictures were beautiful. I especially liked the birdhouse picture; it's beautiful. Your garden seems so serene and lovely. If I was a morning person I would have those quiet times before the kids wake up. My husband would chortle heartily at that thought. HE'S the one who gets up early with our daughter every morning while Eli (the baby) and I keep sleeping... anyway, thanks for sharing. I don't have the time to do the wrapped emotions, but I enjoy reading yours and others' posts on it!

Christina said...

Very beautiful...both the photos, the words and the sense of peace that morning ritual brings.

Mike said...

I can see why it is a special place.


Rabbi Phyllis Sommer said...

great post and great take on the challenge for this week. love the photos and your garden is beautiful! thanks for sharing...

~ Melody ~ said...

I have found a bit of peace in sitting here viewing your beautiful garden, reading your calming words. I hear the peace and freedom from fear in your voice.

The photos are amazing and you set the scene so vividly. I hope you add this to your journal pages. I'm not yet at your place of tranquility, but this week I've come a bit closer through everyone's posts and working on my own fears and ritual.

De said...

That is such a beautiful sactuary. What a blessing to have that in your own back yard.

Kim said...

Amazing pictures and what a gorgeous garden. I might become a morning person if I had somewhere like that to hang out!

Kim @ TheBitterBall

tracey said...

What a great post and such gorgeous photos. There was such a calm feeling about it all. I especially loved the wooden birdhouse shot. And that it was handmade with love makes it that much better.
Thanks for sharing this with us.
Tracey @ Picture This

EA said...

I feel so much peace in your post. You have created such a beautiful sanctuary for your family. Thank-you for sharing it.

Mandaroo said...

Thanks for all of your nice comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it and that it brought you peace. I wish that for all of you, too.

Sara said...

beautiful garden i love max how cute!im glad you've found a way to deal with your fears and they don't haveve as much hold on you, god bless

Childlife said...

What a beautiful haven you have created and likewise a beautiful post! I found myself smiling all the way through your post as I read : )

Angie said...

It's good to have a safe place. We need more of them, don't we? Such beautiful sights and creatures to enjoy.

The Surrendered Scribe said...

I think my fears would lessen in your garden--what a great picture of peace. Sanctuary is a perfect word to describe what you have!