Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A new Do!

Olivia loves to cut!!!!!
Lately, Olivia loves to cut any and everything. Even though the girls got cute haircuts a couple weeks back, Olivia decided she needed to cut her hair again, because apparently, she "can do it better" than "that haircut place"!!!! She also decided to cut up a birth certificate a few weeks ago! I really have to keep an eye on what she cuts up! I try to provide her with fun stuff like magazines and coloring books, etc. to cut, but I don't always catch her in time, like now!

note added (after commenter Anna's question):

You can kinda see it in the museum post (2 posts down) She had an A-line cut, long in front and short in back, but now there's a few short strands in the front on both sides. She's a tomboy and always calls herself a boy, so maybe she really does want to go shorter (she once claimed she wanted a buzz cut "like dad's").....she still likes me to put a pony tail in the back, even though it's short and pretend she is Shang from Mulan (a Chinese warrior)


Anna said...

And do we get a shot of the new do?
I remember when I cut my own bangs--with manicure scissors! I was 7 and it was NOT a good look. :)

~ Melody ~ said...

Sorry, but I giggled. :) I have boys who have given one another haircuts. Once they did it right before Christmas photos.

I love Olivia's spirit. I bet she could fill Shang's shoes nicely.