Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Night (or rather a Day) at the Museum

Little China girl
I asked the girls if they wanted to go the Natural Museum the other day, but they really didn't feel like going out. So, we decided to make our own museum. It was a mix of Natural museum, art museum, and a music museum. Violet and I took turns being the tour guide and Olivia dressed up and pretended to be a young Chinese tourist. We have fun dressing up and walking around with a fake British accent (guess we picked that up from Night at the Museum!) and sharing what we knew about the various pieces in the museum such as the Egyptian pieces, fossils, dolls from around the world, kimono, to name a few. We also had a music museum with many different instruments; marachas, drums, flutes that were for the "kids" who visit the museum to play with.
Our Natural Museum
The fossil and Egyptian table
Natural museum
some fossils
Art gallery
the art gallery

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