Thursday, September 20, 2007

Picture This: Freedom

For us, freedom is:
Freedom from school
Freedom to learn naturally
Freedom to be with one another and enjoy each other
Freedom to chose our friends
Freedom to read what we like
Freedom to watch what we like
Freedom to play
Freedom to eat when & what we like
Freedom to go to bed when we like
Freedom to imagine
Freedom to create
Freedom to come and go as we like
Freedom to form our own opinions
Freedom to learn about things that are important to us, things that interest us

Freedom, for us, is the unschooling path that we've chosen
and so much more..................

written for Picture This' theme this week, which is "Freedom".

More photos from yesterday. We celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day by dressing up and playing pirates on our "ship" in the backyard.

Talk Like a Pirate
Our pirate flag, on our pirate "ship"
Shiver me timbers!
Captain Livie


chaoticfamily said...

That is hilarious and cute all in one! Hope you had a fun pirate day.

How wonderful that you are able to homeschool. I seriously thought of it for my son and although he is just in Kindergarten I still have not ruled it out! I just don't think that I have the patience or the knowledge to be able to do it.

Mandy said...

A lot of people think that, but if you would like to do it and are a little fearful of it you can go with a charter that supports homeschooling. We did initially, but since going with unschooling, found it unnecessary. There's lots of resources out there (some in my links) I suggest you read up on it! Best wishes and thanks for commenting!

Brittany said...

hey you could have used these pics for pirate day, yesterday! :)

Cute pics!!

SusieJ said...

You captured freedom and Pirates all in one post. Very nice.

Cari said...

Those are great shots! It looks like yesterday was a very successful day. :)

Beverly said...

I can't believe we missed Talk Like a Pirate Day. I might have to tell my kids that it's that day sometime next week.

~ Melody ~ said...

How awesome! I think this is so great and the photos are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Gotta show Lucy these pics! Today may be our pirate day! Thanks for the reminder of this special day! Too cute!!!

Mandy said...

Thanks all! Pirate Day was fun! It should be (could be) Pirate Day everyday! : ) arrrrr!