Monday, September 17, 2007

Pinball Wizard

Last night we were hanging out in the barn, which Dan had remodeled to be our playroom and my photo studio. We did some artwork, Violet & I took some photos in the studio, Dan & Livie played some pinball and some air hockey. We also had a mini-concert, starring Violet, Olivia, Dan & myself where we all played some mean electric guitar (will share some photos later!) Livie was having a lot of fun on the pinball, until......she lost the ball. But, I quickly showed her she still had some balls left (after taking a photo first! Hehe!)

She's a pinball wizard!
Doesn't she have some cute little cheeks? And, she always wears her Superman undies backwards, so that she can see Superman in the front when she looks down. Pretty smart, wouldn't you say?
She plays some mean pinball!
Didn't ya know? Sticking out the tongue always makes for a better game! Also, she decided to wear some orange ink on her face!
Darn! Lost the ball!
"Darn! Lost the ball!"
This last one is my favorite for Picture This, Best Shot Monday.


Brittany said...

Oh my word!!!! I LOOOOOVE the first picture! The Superman undies are just too much!!! So cute!

~ Melody ~ said...

I had to LOL at your little girl in her Superman undies. That last shot...oh my, precious!

Melody A. said...

I love the undies!!! And it makes total sense to wear them backwards.

kim said...

That last one was my favorite, too, but I loved all of them. Your little one is too cute! And those undies -OMG!

chaoticfamily said...

What a darling. LOL my son did the same thing until just recently. Those underwear makers obvisously did not consult kids before putting the pics on.

Golightly said...

The superman undies are a crack up! How fun is that?! I really like the last picture of her, too. The thoughtfulness of losing the ball.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I just got caught up with your blog! Love Olivia's haircut! It really suits her.
I can't get over how much older Violet looks!
Great photos! Miss you!