Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wrapped Emotions: Necessary Bindings

I created an art journal for my Wrapped Emotions projects I started participating in last week. This week we were to create a book to put our projects in. This is what I came up with.
I found a scrapbook for a great price so figured that would work out fine. First, I painted the outside with an acrylic paint in purple, which is my favorite color. Then I stamped it with a French script stamp with gold ink, but it came out kind of light so I just smeared some of the gold ink directly from the pad to the cover. I then stamped the title Mandy's Unwrapped Emotions (now, I'm not sure if I should have put "Wrapped", but really, it's the feelings that we are "unwrapping" that we are documenting so I guess that's okay). I wasn't sure what else to do to it, but knew it needed something. I ended up putting some flower diecuts on it with some petal eyelets, some purple sticky netting, and some tile embellishments. I get a lot of my embellishments at Big Lots, which has great deals on them, which is also where I got the scrapbook for $5. I inked the edges with an eggplant ink. I'm not completely happy with it, but not sure if it needs more, or if it's because I just really didn't have any clear idea of what I wanted so I just went with the flow and followed them as they came up. But, I like the idea of having all of the projects in the same spot so that you can reflect back on them. My daughter Violet wants to do one now to, so it'll be fun doing it together. While I was finishing it up this afternoon, they both hung out and worked on atcs and making cards, but mostly (Olivia) just cutting paper and taping it back together ; ) (and trying to cut yarn with whole punches.......)
To see my first entry, you can go to this post with was very interesting and challenging for me.
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Jenny is Live & in Color said...

This is very pretty and creative. I really like it!

BTW, I really like your Tinker Bell, Peter Pan feel to your blog. As far as my girls are concerned, Tink is real and no one can top her.

Lynnae said...

You are so creative! Your journal is beautiful!!!

~ Melody ~ said...

Mandy, I likey the art journal. For some reason to me it says "you". Love the purple and gold combinations with just the hint of embellishment. Sometimes less is so much more.

How fun that the girls want to make art journals with you. I'd love to see photos of theirs, too.

Anonymous said...

I like the gold, it really pretty.

EA said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I'm a WE blogger now too. I think the purple and gold on your journal are fabulous, and I love the flowy feel of it. :o)

Mandy said...

Thank you everyone! It feels nice to get the nice complements.

Kim said...

You really put a lot of work into this. It turned out gorgeous! I put "unwrapped" on mine too... seems to fit what's inside.

Oh, thank for the tip about Big Lots too. I never thought to look there for scrapping items. I will now though.

Kim @ TheBitterBall

De said...

Beautiful journal. I love that you put so much creativity in it. It turned out gorgeous.