Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good things come in small packages

The Small Is Beautiful Manifesto

I think it was my mom who must have told me this when I was young. I was always smallest amongst my peers, and perhaps due to my birthday, but also because I took after my little nana on my dad's side. Anyway, when I saw this link on Tracey's blog, I checked it out and instantly fell in love with the button as well as the message behind it. Also, if you remember Wrapped Emotions & Picture this both referred to Jen Lemons site when she wrote the beautiful post about her letting go of fears ritual. So, I've just added the button to the side and excited to see what transpires.
Here is their manifesto:

The Small is Beautiful Manifesto

We believe stories are valuable, no matter how many people read them.
We believe following your passion is more important that watching your site
We believe in the handmade, the first try, the small start, and the good
We believe that small is beautiful.

To join us, add one of these buttons to your blog. Just copy and paste the html code to link to this page.

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~ Melody ~ said...

I found this, too, love the idea and am getting around to adding it to my blog. If you aren't true to your beliefs, yourself, what do you really have?