Monday, October 01, 2007

Rappaccini's Daughter

Princess cupcakesThis is my yummy shot for Best Shot Monday, over at Picture This. They are some Fairy muffins the girls and I made to sell at a production of Rappaccini's Daughter that Violet and her friends were in on Sunday. The recipe is in Usborne book's Fairy Cooking. They have raspberry jam in them, and taste like scones. They have a lemon juice and powdered sugar drizzled on top. Here's a whole plate of share with my blogger friends!

Show me the money
Violet and some of her homeschool friends decided to put on a play by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Rappaccini's Daughter. It is a play about the original Poison Ivy. Violet was the treasurer and performed as the narrator.

"Presenting......Rappaccini's Daughter!"

They had an intermission, where they provided the treats, and pizza and drinks. It was held in our friend's backyard. The girls created backdrops, and programs, and dressed up as their parts. They did all the work themselves, without help from the parents. Pretty amazing group of kids!


Melissa said...

Oh, yum!

Way cool that the kiddos put together a play all on their own! That's learning!!

Maya said...

My mouth is watering! Those look so yummy!

sierrajuliettromeo said...

Oh man! Those fairy muffins are AWESOME! The colors are just gorgeous!

Unschooling rocks!

Dawn said...

yummy pretty deliciousness!

Christina said...

the one right there in the front...I claim that one. Those look so yummy...and it doesn't help that I've not had lunch.

What a fantastic group of kids to organize and execute all that on their own!

kim said...

wow- that's initiative! Looks like you've got a young thespian on your hands.
Great shot! The fairy muffins look divine!

Golightly said...


One word -


chaoticfamily said...

Those look like cupcakes - not muffins. LOL!

The bottom one if my fave - so full of life.

Beverly said...

Putting on a play is an awesome activity. It's taking a chance in so many ways. The kids would really be relying on each other.

Cari said...

yummy shot is right! looks like that had a great time and sounds like that did a great job.

~ Melody ~ said...

*standing ovation* What a fabulous group of young ladies! I know you're a proud mom.

Those muffins truly look as though they were baked by fairies. The photos are yummy, too...all of them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish we could have seen the play!