Sunday, November 04, 2007

Camping lists, anime, paper airplanes, just some more typical unschooling days..........

Making a camping list
Dan reminded the girls that we would be going camping next weekend and perhaps we should start preparing and getting ready for our trip, albeit just a weekend trip to the beach. So, the girls decided to make some camping check off lists, as they've seen me do in the past when I start to get ready (or I will most definitely forget something!). So they sat down on the carpet and proceeded to write down what they will need to bring. They listed out the clothes they would need, toys that they wanted to bring, toiletries, etc. Olivia drew pictures on hers, and she wrote "Olivia's List" on the top, with Violet's help. I sat close by and watched and helped with words as requested, but mostly they just did it on their own. Afterwards, Olivia starting cutting it up (she just loves cutting with scissors!). I often find lists that Violet has made around the house. I just ran out to the car for something and found a list that Violet had made when they evacuated. It was a list of things to take with them to Nana's house.

Olivia's been creating a lot of really interesting things lately. She likes using glue to put pieces of paper together, add string and make little baskets. She made some puppets out of foam paper, yarn and Popsicle sticks. She loves putting glue on her fingers, letting it dry then peeling it off (I love doing that too!). It's funny the things we find around the house that she has created or put together. She also likes to arrange things to create symmetrical patterns. This morning Dan was fixing the kitchen sink faucet and left some tools out while he ran out to the hardware store to pick another piece that he needed. Olivia sat and played with the tools while I made breakfast. I made sure there was nothing unsafe for her to play with then proceeded to cook some eggs. When I turned around, she had made this....
As I sit here typing, Olivia is sitting next to me using blue electrical tape, lined paper, scissors, a glue stick, and cutting some bristles off of a baby hair brush! Not sure what she is creating yet, but will be interesting to see what it turns into! She also filled up a little felt heart box with some Reeses chocolate and wrote "Pokemon" on a piece of paper and glued it to the top and said "here mom, these are your favorites". Earlier she made a paper airplane for me. Interesting, I never showed her how to make one, but she made a pretty good one. When we went to the Fall Festival on Halloween, there was a games booth where they had some pre-made paper airplanes and she had to throw them through a hole on a plywood frame to get points. Although, she has seen paper airplanes before, I think perhaps it is still fresh in her mind and she decided to make her own. I told her I have a paper airplane book and asked would she like to see it. She said "no, I already made one". LOL She certainly has her own ideas for everything that she makes, and I would hate to squelch that!

Violet's found this gamer, Marriland, on Youtube and has been watching his videos. He shows his viewers how to capture Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl. She's really learning a lot from him and gets excited when she learns something that helps her catch a Pokemon that she's been trying to get. He's got a great sense of humor and a really pleasant voice, so it's fun to listen and watch. This is one of the many avenues she uses to better her game. I bought her a user strategy guide for Mystery Dungeon which she enjoys using and she loves reading Pokemon story books and watching Pokemon on TV. While watching the videos on Youtube, she often is doing something else, like drawing Anime or Pokemon figures.

This week, we went to an Anime group that meets once a month. They had a cosplay contest, where they dress up as their favorite Anime characters. Violet dressed up as Dawn from Pokemon for Halloween, so she was ready for the contest. While there she met a boy who was dressed as Ash! They really hit it off and had a lot of common interests. He loves Pokemon, nintendo and loves to draw. Also, after talking with his mom for a bit I discovered they were unschoolers! We exchanged numbers and plan to get together soon. His little sister was so cute. She was dressed up as Pikachu.
All in all, a pretty back to normal week.

Oh, and by the way, one of the creations Olivia was just making, turned out to be a little sword, handle and all! Another gift to treasure!

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looks like fun! Her artwork is very good :D