Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just some Thanksgiving photos.....

We had a fun, quiet time at my mom and dad's for Thanksgiving. Mom made these "Mayflower" ships for the girls out of yams, roasted marshmallows, cranberries, and some sails that she pulled off of the internet. Homeschooling nana they have! Olivia mostly ate the marshmallows of course, but the yams were very yummy as well. It was just my folks, my brother Martin, and us. Martin brought his dog, Lester, who is quiet excitable. He really enjoyed playing with the girls. He was a rescue dog from the Hurricane Katrina floodings. Martin was just supposed to be fostering him, but his home was not found, and Martin enjoyed him so much, that he ended up keeping him.

Bone and Lester
He brought him to our house one day, where he met our golden retriever Bone, and played with him in our back yard.
Lester playing tetherball
He also rather enjoyed playing tetherball. Which yes, he did eventually pop!
My pretty girls
The girls dressed up pretty for Nana's house for Thanksgiving.
Uncle Martin & Olivia
Olivia loved hugging and cuddling up with her Uncle Martin, while he read stories. Even though they don't see him often, they always start up where they left off when they see him. They both really enjoy his company.
Here's a photo of my roboleg!
Violet took this photo of my robo-leg this morning. I ended up getting about 10 stitches, a metal plate and about 7 screws in my ankle. The pain has finally subsided, but I'm not supposed to put weight on it yet, and have to go back in 4 weeks. This is a removable "boot" that goes over a sock on my leg to protect my ankle. Biggest bummer is not being able to drive. We're getting a little stir crazy here!!!


~ Melody ~ said...

A metal plate and 7 screws?! When you break it, you break it.

Hugs and prayers for fast healing, no more pain and a chauffeur.

I always love your family photos. The girls look beautiful.

Jenny is Live & In Color said...

I love those yam boats! How creative and yummy!

That is some contraption on your leg! Did it come with super powers?

wayabetty said...

The girls are so cute and Nana is very creative! Oh, I hope you'll recover very soon. It's tough to be homebound.

Golightly said...

Great pictures, I love the yam boats, too! I agree with Jenny, you should get some kind of super power with that contraption! At least the pain is subsiding...

Oh, I like the new profile picture as well!

Beverly said...

Oh man! The boot looks pretty cool, though. Tough.