Thursday, November 15, 2007

Picture This: Giddy

Screaming for Hannah

There was definately much "GIDDY-ness" going on last Thursday night. We were so very, very lucky to be invited to go see the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert in San Diego. This was Violet's first time to a concert and what better concert than this. In addition, the Jonas Bros opened for her! We love to watch Hannah Montana's show on tv as a family, and love her music as well. She is as talented live as she is on the show. An excellent voice, and an excellent stage presence.

Violet & Emily

We were forunate to be guests of Hewlett Packard, who sponsored the concert, and were invited by Tracey Clarke over at Picture This. She was the official photographer for the HP guests and is promoting the My Concert memory books. I am so excited about them and can't wait to see how they turn out.

Hannah Montana


Jonas Brothers

Thank you so much Tracey, we had such a truly wonderful time!

For more "giddy" go to Picture This!

I'd love to share some of the HP love, so be on the lookout for an upcoming contest!

BTW, my surgery went well. Just call me the Bionic Woman. I now have metal in my ankle. Since I now have the plate, I was tempted to ask for microdermal studs......LOL just kidding! I have to go back in 14 days for another xray, to see whether I'll need a cast or just a boot. Boot would be better because, then I can take it off to take baths/showers.

Thanks for all the well wishes..........


Colleen said...

It looks like it was a really fun time.

I know you can hear me... said...

Wow! What a great time - and what great shots too! I don't know much that could compare to the giddiness found at that concert!

tracey said...

Giddy indeed! Those are great shots!!! What a hoot that was, huh?
Glad Violet loved it. That's what it's all about. : )

Holy cow, so sorry about your leg. OUCH!

Golightly said...

What great pictures. How fun! Happy to hear the surgery went well, too.

wayabetty said...

THAT sounded like one great show. I recently saw the Jonas bros. on tv and they are just adorable, esp. the singer. Too cute!

Glad the surgery went well! Hope you'll recover quickly!

Stacy said...

Great shots and I see definite giddyness! Glad your operation went well...hopefully your recovery goes smoothly and you will be back up and walking around soon.

Beverly said...

Wow. That's the "it" ticket to get. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

WOW Hannah Montana! Lucy would be so jealous! We also love to watch HM as a family, very cute!
So glad to hear your surgery went well!

~ Melody ~ said...

What fun, fun, fun! That photo is the epitome of giddy, and I can imagine the fun you and the girls had.

Your concert shots are super.

Take care of yourself.

Maya said...

How much fun is that! Those are some great concert pics!