Friday, November 02, 2007

Princess & Spidey

Trick or treat
We went trick or treating with some friends at the downtown shops. Merchants were handing out candy from 3-6 pm. It was great to see so many people out and about after the fires. Afterwards, we went to a local church fall festival that a friend had invited us to. There were games and prizes and a cake walk. It was pretty fun. Then.......the girls wanted to experience "real" trick or treating in the evening in a neighborhood close by, that we heard was handing out treats. We ran by our house to pick up Dan, and there was one group of trick or treaters (the only that came that night) in a golf cart trick or treating at our house. The houses are all so spread out that it's really not worth it for trick or treaters to come to our neighborhood. But, we were decorated, so they knew we had candy! We went to the block that we heard about with many houses decorated and lots of kids out trick or treating. One man that was handing out candy said it was so nice to see people out and about after being holed up for 5 days. Many people stayed during the evacuation stayed in their homes, with the windows closed up because of the smoke, to protect their homes. The kids had soooo much candy by the end of the night. I hope they get tired of it soon, because I still need to recover from all the good food in Cabo! I won't say how much I gained, but let's just say, I realllly need to get back to the gym soon!

For more Halloween pictures go to my Flickr group. There's a photo of Violet and Olivia in their costumes, but it's marked for friends and family only, because there's some other kids in it (I'm not sure okay to post on my blog-will have to check with them) but if you know me and would like to see them, just ask. Violet was Dawn from Pokemon and Olivia was Spiderman.

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