Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thank you mama!

My mom hates to drive at night. So much so, that she will be sure to leave somewhere before nightfall, or spend the night, which she has done so on numerous times while visiting us. I love having her here. The girls love having her here. So, when Dan wanted to take just us to Cabo San Lucas for a week for our 10 year anniversary, I knew that they would be in very good hands. The extent of that I did not know until last week. She came down to stay with the girls at our house because we both knew they would probably be more comfortable here with all their stuff, their toys, books, friends. They had planned on going to our usual gatherings. There was a science group meeting in town, an American girl club meeting, and a neighborhood friend of mine was even going to go walking with her while the kids played at her house. I had every faith in knowing that our girls would be in very good hands.

We flew down Saturday morning at arrived around 4 in the afternoon. Our first evening was very enjoyable, as was our next day. My husband had switched over his cell phone to receive calls in Mexico, but we inadvertently didn't switch mine. I called the girls Saturday and everything was just fine.

Sunday, mom called to say there was a fire but it didn't sound like anything major or anything close.

Sunday evening, our town was evacuated. My mom, who hates to drive at night, drove out of town at 9 pm. What should have taken an hour took 4 hours to get to her house. She packed some clothes for the girls, took our dog, and our cat in a carrier. She packed a few valuable things. Violet brought a picture of Dan & I (our engagement photo) and a box of Sassy's ashes (because she knew that was important to me), she brought my laptop and my jewelry case.

We did not find out that they were evacuated until Monday. She had attempted to call us on my cell phone, but unknowingly the messages were not coming through. Finally, Dan's brother reached us and we learned of the severity of the situation.

I just wanted to post and say how very proud and thankful I am to my mom for being here, and for handling the whole situation so calmly. Even in her voicemails, that I later retrieved, she sounded so calm and didn't want us to be alarmed or worried. The girls have had no after effects of fear or anxiety. She kept them calm and actually, they still had a very good time with their Nana while at her home! Thank you so much mom! I love you!

As of today the Witch Fire is 100% contained. More than 400 structures in Ramona were destroyed. It burned 197,990 acres and the cost to gith the blaze is $13 million so far.38 firefighters have been injured and two civilians have died. This is just in the Witch Fire alone. My home and neighborhood are fine, but there are many in Ramona that are not.

If you would like to help out directly, there is a Witch Fire victims needs list blog and of course, the San Diego Red Cross.
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Cari said...

Mamas/Grandmamas are the best. I'm so glad that you and yours are safe. I've been keeping all of the people affected by these fires in my prayers.

Brittany said...

What an amazing MaMa you have! I am so glad you are all ok. How scary!

Hope you had a little fun, anyway, for your anniversary!

Golightly said...

What a true blessing you have in you "Mama", you girls are so lucky to have and be so close their grandmother!

Take care.

Maya said...

What a great Mama...your children were in good hands indeed!