Friday, December 28, 2007

We had a Merry Little Christmas

Santa was pretty good to us all this year. The girls received what they wanted from Santa. Violet got a Cabbage Patch doll and Olivia got a puppy, albeit not a real one, but a "furreal" one. I think they were pretty happy with what mom & dad gave them. Violet was super excited to get a Wii, and Olivia got a chopper bike, webblaster and a Imaginext pirate ship. Both grandparents were here to visit and eat with us on Christmas day. We had a prime rib, potatoes, green bean casserole. Nana brought some really good ambrosia, and some desserts. We spent the evening playing Wii sports. It comes with games such as bowling, tennis, boxing, golf, & baseball. We were all a little sore in the arms the next day! We also got to spend some time with our neighbors and Dan's brother and his family over the holidays. That's what it's about, spending time with family& friends that you love. Hope yours was spent with loved ones and that you had a wonderful time!
Bowling Wii
Violet bowling on Wii
Bowling, wii style
Dad's turn
Opening the webblaster
Look at that excited face, when she opened the Webblaster
We were all pretty tired the next day......including Domino, who got a present too: a catnip filled teddy bear!

Many more photos in my Christmas 2007 Flickr set.

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Maya said...

What a wonderful Christmas...and the Wii is so much fun! Enjoy it!