Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Unschooling Images Meme

Saw this linked at Doc's Sunrise Rants. It's an Unschooling Images meme based on the Google Images meme I've also been meaning to do at some point that I've seen on several unschooler's blogs. This one is over at Relaxed Homeskool and looked like a lot of fun, so I just had to join in! Sounds like she'll be hosting the next Unschooling Voices#12. I used my images for most of them.

*Your favorite resource

*One field trip they loved and learned on
*The game they love so much they don’t realize it is educational
Violet and her Nintendogs
*What you’ve “strewn” lately

*Everyday task where they pick up lots of info
Chef Violet
* A resource you have always wanted to purchase for the children but keep putting off

*What your kids think school is really like

* Best place to unschool

Olivia looking at the lagoon


Kim said...

Oh yay, my high school experience was JUST like High School Musical...nice post!

~ Melody ~ said...

I love this post! Life is learning and I keep leaning toward unschooling (It's the method we have been forced to pursue over the last couple of months). And I want the Rosetta Stone Spanish, too.

Happy New Year!

Brittany said...

Oh dear! If only "real" school was a musical... haha. Also, I've heard amazing things about that Rosetta Stone Spanish! I might get it for myself- seems like we all need to know Spanish, these days, to function in everyday life.

cute post!

chaoticfamily said...

Ok - just looking at some of your previous posts - fantastic photos - just stunning as always!

I am seriously thinking of homeschooling but only have fears in my abilities - but it's still on the table for our family - nice to see that it's working so beautifully for you!

Sarah-Ji said...

Very cool. If Cadence doesn't get accepted into either of the two public Montessori schools our city, we are considering Unschooling. And we have those same Dominoes! And they were strewn all over the playroom as of last night!

Sandy Feet said...

I love the cooking photo. BTW, we can get Rosetta Stone from the library. Might be worth a look.

Great list.